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Posted by on Jan 29, 2013 in Blog, Decluttering, Money, Quotes | 3 comments

On Acquisition of Stuff

On Acquisition of Stuff

In Minimalist Parenting, Asha and I talk about the concept of want/need/love when it comes to material things. This quote (shared on TODAY/NBC last week) pretty much sums up how I feel about acquisition of stuff.

We cover this and so much more in Minimalist Parenting. Pre-order the book now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell’s! And sign up for our mailing list! We have a cool announcement coming soon!


  1. Love that quote regarding being a curator rather than consumer!! I am very critical of my parenting. I hope this book can free me from my own chains…

    • It’s so easy to be critical, isn’t it, Kim? One of our biggest hopes for this book is that it encourages you and nudges you to trust yourself,

  2. I applied this idea to my deep freeze this weekend. What I have left after a frost-induced cleanout is a well organized freezer full of “special” things that we’ve made or imported. (Rather than a hoard of things we can buy at the store 2 miles away…)

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