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Posted by on Apr 1, 2013 in Blog, Events | 2 comments

Thank you ONE + BlissDom!

Thank you ONE + BlissDom!

I can hardly believe a week ago today I was en route home from BlissDom — I felt so fortunate to attend! I was there both in a client capacity to help the wonderful Shot@Life folks with their suite activities, and also for a Minimalist Parenting love fest represented by a book signing, busting out Flat Asha for the first time, and hugging in person or meeting for the first time many of the folks who received a copy of the book in their welcome bag. I just wanted to take a moment to issue huge, huge thanks to our dear friends at ONE Moms¬†for providing books for all of the speakers and community leaders at the conference, and to Alli and Barbara of BlissDom for their generosity in accommodating our inclusion into the bags and book signing schedule! The experience was especially lovely given that BlissDom was where the idea for Minimalist Parenting was born, and since BlissDom and ONE are both so rooted in community and awesomeness.

As some of you may know, Asha and I traveled to Ethiopia with ONE Moms last fall and it was an incredible journey. We encourage you to join the ONE Moms movement; ONE is an amazing organization that is leading the charge to eradicate global poverty. They never ask for your money, only your voice. And they are totally awesome. I tear up every time I think about the fall mission trip.

Anyway, I wanted to share a handful of photos from the weekend. There’s even more awesomeness that took place beyond these photos but, well, I had to get minimalist and edit, you know?

One of my favorite things about the weekend? Lots of face time with the amazing Chrysula Winegar.

It's easy to see why I was thrilled to room with Heather Flett. She is fun all. the. time.

Busting out Flat Asha for the first time. It was awesome.

I always love seeing C.C. Chapman. He's a ONE Dad, Shot@Life advocate, and all around awesome friend.

Ellen Seidman contributed a beautiful sidebar to the book; I was so thrilled to thank her in person. Ellen is a delightful and generous friend.

The Shot@Life breakfast was fantastic for many reasons, including getting to see my friend Jenny Ingram and finally meet (my new BFF) Lucrecer Braxton.

I only had time to get to one session during the weekend, so imagine my surprise when I'm sitting in the back of Danielle Smith's packed session and she drops a mega love bomb for the book.

The first book I signed was for Kim Moldofsky. She had to leave before my slot and asked me to go to the BlissDom bookstore with her so she could buy a book and I could sign it. SO SWEET!

Signing Jenny Ingram's copy of the book, a gift from ONE. (Thanks for capturing this image Jenny!)

Through the weekend, I handed out ONE bracelets to new and old friends. They didn't ask me to do this. I just did it because they are awesome. Asha and I are so grateful for their support, for the book and otherwise.


  1. We were so happy that you & flat Asha were with us! <3

  2. We were happy to be able to support you and Asha in any way possible- we’re proud of you both for creating a book that will help so many parents and we’re proud to also call you friends! In the whole karma/golden rule thing, you are living proof that you get what you give! xoxo- Barbara

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