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For media inquiries, please contact Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest at christine{at} + asha{@} We’ve made high-resolution media assets available if you need headshots or cover art for an upcoming story.

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TV & Radio

Studio 5 with Brooke Walker (TV review)

2/19/14: Minimalist Parenting

NPR – Tell Me More (Radio interview)

5/28/13: Minimalist parenting: Doing more with less

NECN – New England Cable News (TV appearance)

5/23/13: Planning summer vacation for your children

CBS Boston – WBZ TV (TV appearance)

5/6/13: “Minimalist Parenting” the way to go?

Fox & Friends (TV appearance)

4/28/13: “Minimalist Parenting” the way to go?

KGW News Channel 8 (TV appearance)

The Ronn Owens Show (San Francisco, CA, KGO Radio interview)

3/28/13, 11am: Minimalist Parenting: How much should your child change who you are?

Lake Effect, WUWM (Milwaukie, WI, Public Radio interview)

Move Over, Tiger Mom: Three Ways You Can Become a Minimalist Parent

AM Northwest (TV appearance)

Slow Down Your Modern Family

AM Northwest (TV appearance)

“Celebrate Minimalist Holidays”

AM Northwest (TV appearance)

“Last-minute Halloween costumes for kids”

Print (December 2013)

Maker Moment with Christine Koh

Your Teen Magazine (Fall 2013, print only)

Go Minimal This Fall

Library Journal (August 2013, print only)

Review: Minimalist Parenting

Shanghai Daily (May 2013)

Minimalist parenting can benefit family as a whole

WirtschaftsBlatt (May 2013)

*Included as a top 10 book pick

Boston Parents Paper (May 2013)

Parenting book touts less as more

Boston Globe Magazine (March 3, 2013)

Nine Greater Boston notables share their child-rearing wisdom

Parenting Magazine (March 2013)

The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Got

Times of London

How to be a minimalist parent: no violin, no extra maths

Redbook Magazine (March 2013)

11 tiny ways to make life happier, saner, sweeter


‘Minimalist Parenting’ all about clearing out the clutter, making room for amazing

Austin Statesman

Slow down and parent: Authors offer tips on minimalist parenting 

Destin Log

Minimalist parenting: “Course correction, not perfection”

Natural Child World Magazine (March/April 2013)

Five Dirty (But Totally Awesome) Secrets to Happier Parenting

Aftenposten (Norwegian daily newspaper)

No tv. No driving to and from activities. No new toys outside birthday and Christmas.

Norwegian | English (via Google Translate)


2/3/15: Measles and Other Playdate Questions

Greenwich Time

1/8/15: Books to Help You Keep Your Resolutions

Less Doing Podcast

Interview with Christine Koh

Destin Log

A merry minimalist Christmas to you

The Week

The relaxed parent’s guide to summer vacation 

Dame Magazine

Goodbye Helicopter, Hello Minimalism: One Parent’s Conversion

Too sexy for a Disney princess?

The Week

5 ways to embrace minimalist parenting 

The Huffington Post

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: New Books By Parenting Bloggers

New York Times: Motherlode

Minimalist Parenting, ‘Manimalist’ Style

The Huffington Post

Stress-Less Parenting Club: Week 1

Time Management: 6 Tricks For Parents To Stay On Track

Why Parents Need To Think Differently About Time

The Huffington Post

Stress-Less Parenting Club: Week 2

School Mornings: How To De-Stress Your Routine And Start The Day Off Right

Putting school year activities into perspective

The Huffington Post

Stress-Less Parenting Club: Week 3

Kids’ Birthday Parties: Taking The Stress Out Of Celebrations

Less Fuss, More Fun

The Huffington Post

Stress-Less Parenting Club: Week 4

Finding ‘Me Time’ As Parents: How To Put Yourself Back On The Priority List

Minimalist You: Self care is not selfish

Design Mom

Six books on my nightstand

iVillage (book excerpt)

Make Kids’ Birthday Parties Easier! 12 Ways to Simplify the Celebration (book excerpt)

Six Steps to Minimalist Parenting

How to be a Minimalist Parent (Mom Must Read)

‘Minimalist Parent’ Can Help You Feel Less Overwhelmed Fast


Minimalist Mom Vows to Spend Nothing on Her Kid in 2013

The Happiness Project

Happiness interview: Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest

Boing Boing

Minimalist Parenting: Getting Things Done meets childrearing 

Cool Mom Picks

Minimalist Parenting: The Must-Read Parenting Book of the Year

5 Minutes for Mom

Minimalist Parenting

Alpha Mom

Alpha Mom Parenting Book Club: Minimalist Parenting


Book review: Minimalist Parenting

SheKnows Parenting

What I wish someone had told me about being a new mom

The ONE Campaign

An interview with the ONE Mom authors of ‘Minimalist Parenting’

Natural Child World

Q&A: Asha Dornfest and Christine Koh 

Giggle Gab

3 Parenting Must-Reads That Will Save Your Marriage

Babble: Sassafrass Says So

Eight Years and 27 Bins Later, I’m Finally Clearing Out the Baby Stuff

Ask Moxie

Book review: Minimalist Parenting

Rookie Moms

Minimalist Parenting will bring you more joy 

To & From Magazine

Spring 2013

Christine curated “Gifts for the Minimalist Mom”

The Simple Moms

When it comes to parenting, are you a minimalist? (book review)


A Completely Biased “Review” Of The Excellent Parenting Book Minimalist Parenting

Get Rich Slowly

Minimalist Parenting: the frugal choice

Everyday Treats

Minimalist Parenting: Or, how I don’t do it all. At all.

Whitney Johnson

Minimalist Parenting, Maximum Parent


Minimalist Parenting

Baby Cheapskate

Minimalist Parenting: Getting More Out of Life By Doing Less

Mom Generations

Book Review: Minimalist Parenting by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest

New York Times: Motherlode

12 New Year’s Resolutions for Happier Families

New York Times: Motherlode

Grading a Blogger’s Resolutions

Manic Mommies

Listening to this week’s show (founder Erin Kane’s reaction to Christine’s guest hosting)

3 Things For Mom

Done Is Better Than Perfect – 3 Things by Christine Koh

Hello Ladies

A Parenting Book for Working Parents

In Pursuit of Happiness

Book suggestion: Minimalist Parenting

Red Shutters

5 Take-Aways from Minimalist Parenting – book review 

Slow Mama

Minimalist Parenting: Book review

Vicki Hoefle (Parent Educator and Author of Duct Tape Parenting)

5 Super Simplifying Tips for Spring from Minimalist Parenting

Isis Parenting

10 Minutes with Christine Koh, co-author of Minimalist Parenting

Bibliomotion Blog

Co-authors Collaborate Cross Country


A northeast Portland blogger travels to Ethiopia to witness the effect of foreign aid

Oregon Business Magazine

The rise of the mommy economy

A Teacher Goes Back to School

43 Books: Minimalist Parenting by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest

Musings of a Housewife

10 Tips to Simplify Your Life Based on Minimalist Parenting

The Parents Club of Palo Alto and Menlo Park

Minimalist Parenting

Twin Cities Daily Planet (Proper Noun blog)

A parent’s view of summer vacation


Video & Podcasts

Kids In The House (video resource for parenting advice)

Asha Dornfest’s videos

Dadsaster (podcast interview)

The Shocking Show

The Kitchen Hour (podcast interview)

Do less. Enjoy More.

Manic Mommies (podcast interview)

Minimalist Parenting

Bobblehead Dad Radio (podcast interview)

Less is more? Try Minimalist Parenting!

NYC Dads Group (podcast interview)

Minimalist Parenting with Asha Dornfest and Dads Dealing with Depression